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kloned personal assistant london Ciara Madden

"Since working with Kloned, my stress levels have reduced massively. Kloned take care of all my day to day issues, those little details I struggle to find the time to deal with - but make a big impact on my business. They are always helpful, efficient and my clients love them just as much as I do. I would recommend to anyone who might be struggling with their workload. Kloned = peace of mind."

Ciara Madden

Founder of Ciara London Fit
kloned testimonial julian hall

"Kloned has given me the confidence to really go gold in my business. Having a professional assistant by my side means that I can take care of the big deals knowing that the details are being taken care of. I'm not a detailed orientated person so having that individual on-board who can cross the t's and dot the i's is essential for me. As part of my team, our PA has taken care of the administrative tasks which everyone forgets about which keeps our operation looking professional every step of the way."

Julian Hall

Founder of Ultrakids Club and the UltraAcademy

We have a number of start up businesses across the globe and have been reluctant to let go of the day to day tasks in our businesses for a long time now! The team at Kloned got to understand what we do and their team worked with us to move everything from our diaries, travel arrangements, business research, data management, event planning and a whole lot more.

We were able to start with a package that enabled us to learn how to best use their services and have already expended and expect to be increasing our work with them in the coming months, where they will be integral to all our businesses. The best thing for us is they employ wonderful people who we love working with and have delivered everything we have asked of them. We have been using Kloned for 8 months and are looking forward to them being a part of our amazing future.

Emma and Andy

Managing Partners John Austin Group


Waking up every morning knowing you’ve got a smart, talented and proactive ‘right-hand’ ready to take some of the pressure off you.

Having the freedom to structure your time in a way that’s most beneficial to your business, not wasting time on peripheral tasks that stop you from doing what you know you should be doing.

Being able to alter the amount of support you need depending on your current needs and only paying for the time supported.

Enjoying the incredible satisfaction that comes with being able to concentrate on the tasks that make your business soar.



Diary organisation
Inbox management
Travel bookings
Itinerary creation
Meeting scheduling
Consolidating air miles
Managing loyalty cards
Email correspondence


Team admin support
Project Management
Transcription of minutes
Document prepration & formatting
Event management
Off-site meetings & event launches
Seminars and conferences


Market & competitor research
Industry research
Content research 
Identifing potential Investors
Salary benchmarks
Lead generation
Research Reports


Scheduling appointments
Sourcing Gift Options
Restaurant/Theatre bookings
Management of household expenses
Researching and planning holidays
Setup daily itineraries
Organising household staff
Party planning


Compiling expenses
Expense data capturing and reporting
credit card reconsulitation 
Online purchasing
Invoice generating
Submitting tax returns 
CV filtering
Scheduling interviews


Creating new social media accounts
Maintaining social media accounts
Blog Posts
Content creation
Campaign newsletters
Metric reporting
Mailshot creation
Video editing